One of our biggest joys came just pre-Covid with the acquisition of Sophia and Giancarlo, our now-beloved Specialized Como electric assist bikes. We can go for hours and miles along the coast and into the mountains, no matter how steep the hill or how far the destination. And it turns out when you spend hours and hours biking along the coast, you see a LOT of birds. I’ve taken to bringing my DSLR with me, and when we hear the telltale screech of a hawk, we slow down and get ready to try and take what someday will be the penultimate photo. We’ve seen all sorts of raptors nesting in the trees along the cliffs by the sea and circling the open fields in search of a meal: red-tailed hawks, red-shouldered hawks, peregrine falcons. Occasionally we’ve seen herons and egrets make a stop into the local creek where it’s more common to see mallards and mudhens

I don’t think I’ve got the perfect photo yet, but here are a few of my favorites from the past year and 2400+ miles of pedaling around, biking and birding.  


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