Experience the Monterey Bay

Here are some of my favorite of the endless ways to experience the Monterey Bay, from spa days and shopping to unique tours and sightseeing. 

Unless otherwise clearly stated, every blog post is my own experience and not a paid endorsement.

Thinking about Nicene Marks

What image comes to mind thinking about Nicene Marks? A random question from my nephew got me started on thinking about the connection between places and the texture of our lives.

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Wilder Ranch hike: Engelsmans Loop

Wilder Ranch’s Engelsmans Loop hike is a moderately difficult trail with the payoff of a gorgeous view across the Monterey Bay. It’s the perfect hike on a clear day.

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Unplug and recharge at Sage Float Spa

A float spa is a salty cocoons for humans to relax and let our stress dissolve into the water. To unplug, unwind, and recharge. Here’s a place to try that and a few tips on how to make the most of your experience.

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