You don’t see these four-legged Capitola kids very often. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen goats grazing by the sea before. Here they are clearing the poison oak and scrub overgrowing the disused railroad tracks above Fossil Beach.



I was driving when I caught a glimpse of them, and like at least a half dozen other people, pulled over to take photos and coo over how cute they were. I admit I even went home, got another camera, and went back to watch them for a while. It’s not like I’ve never seen a goat before. I’ve even fed them and milked them. They were, well, just super cute. I loved the incongruity of watching these four-legged Capitola kids nibbling away against the curve of Pot Belly Beach and the Cement Ship behind them. And what a day to take a break and walk along the cliff!



It’s not uncommon to hear about goats for hire clearing brush around here, especially in the mountains or steep cliffs. Seeing them next to the ocean, and watching how they look like they smile while they eat is charming. And there’s SO much for them to eat. This acacia bush is holding this little guy’s weight while he deftly nibbles away at the leaves and flowers.


white goat in tree


And after a tough afternoon’s work, or snack, or working snack, who wouldn’t want to climb up on a warm bike jump and gaze out over an aquamarine sea?


goat relaxing on a rock


The goats are part of a working herd owned by Capra Environmental. The vegetation control precludes the use of herbicides or pesticides, so it’s safe for the water table as well for the food chain. You know this about goats, that they are voracious eaters. Remember Gregory, the Terrible Eater by Mitchell Sharmat? Note: we may receive commissions on purchases you make by clicking through this link to 


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